Tesla Model 3 arrives in the UK.

The much awaited Tesla Model 3 arrived in the UK at various locations today. This latest vehicle follows its predecessors by being driven fully by electrons, no hybridy complications here. Making the most of the instant torque available from its four wheel drive system it will scoot to 60mph in less than 6 seconds. Much less if a different ‘mode’ is selected. With a range of 220 to 310 miles, depending on the aforesaid ‘mode’, and luggage spaces front an rear it could be just what the eco driver in the family wants.

The smooth contours of its outline are mirrored by the svelte but minimalist interior. The usual controls a set around the steering wheel with all the remaining functions being displayed and controlled by the large 15″ central touchscreen.

If you’ve never driven an all electric vehicle this could be the opportunity to try what is going to be the future of motoring.

Orders can be placed now with deliveries scheduled for early 2019. For more details go to the Model 3 website at; https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/model3.

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