Tesla Model 3

An invitation to test drive the latest Tesla, the Model 3, at local venue was one I couldn’t pass up. And so in late November 2019 Was at Fanhams Hall in the leafy Hertfordshire countryside ready for the experience.
Having driven other models in the range I can verify the performance aspects of these pure electric vehicles. However this was a roads test and so I piloted the Standard Plus variant. This makes do with just rear-wheel drive and a leisurely (by Tesla standards) 0-60 time of 5.3 seconds. In all other respects it’s pretty much the same as the higher models.
Inside all is comfortable leather seating for four adults, the dash being dominated by a 15” central touchscreen. With everything, and I mean everything, being controlled or adjusted from the screen. Even door mirror positions. It’s fitted with all the latest control and safety systems to keep you free from harm. Although, as on other modern vehicles, the ‘lane change warning’ function can be scary if you try to change lanes without indicating first.
On the variable rural roads and a quick blast along the smoother A10 it was a pleasant compliant ride, even around the variable roads of Ware. Wind and road noise were at expected levels but there was no trace of the electric car ‘whine’ found in some vehicles. The use of compact electric propulsion means that there’s plenty space in the front and rear for luggage. The rear easily taking a bag or two of golf bats.
Overall for a base price of under £40k the model three is a serious contender for those wanting to move from fossil fuel to pure electrons. Especially as the Tesla charging network is one of the best with multiple locations. A WLTP predicted range of over 340 miles between charges is sufficient for a majority of journeys.
Any negatives well a few. I noticed that a couple of the cars had water ingress to the tail light cluster, something you wouldn’t expect in rival manufacturers at a much lower price. And I’m not really sure why the car in red is a £2k option.
If you’re looking to make the swap to electric power then this is certainly a car to consider. For more details go to the Model 3 website at; https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/model3.

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