Brabham BT62R

David Brabham, Brabham BT62, Goodwood Festival of Speed, July 2019, West Sussex, England,

If you’re looking for the extra special present to celebrate when the current situation eases, then your thoughts may well tend towards a new car. Not just any car, it has to be something special. Very special in fact. Indeed it should be so special as to have fantastic looks, go like excrement off a gardening implement, have a name that evokes racing victories, and be exclusive. A hypercar, after all you deserve it. So a Ferrari then. Yes. But no. To get a really special one you’ll have to be on the favoured list and there’s already a few at your country club. A Lamborghini, then. Again, yes but no. Fantastic looks, but no Grand Prix cache and someone will call it an Audi in a sharp Italian suit. 

David Brabham, Brabham BT62,

There is a choice that covers all of these aspects. I offer the Brabham BT62R.  The road legal version of the successful racing BT62 which will be available from the middle of 2020. 

First introduced two years ago by David Brabham the racing BT62 was built on the proud 70 year motorsport pedigree established by his father Sir Jack. Who it should be remembered was the first and so far only driver to win the Formula One world championship driving one of his own cars.

The official press release states that – The next step on the journey will be the launch of the BT62R in June this year, a fully road-compliant version of the BT62. This third variant in the BT62 family will share the same chassis and powertrain as its track-focused siblings, with revised suspension (including front and rear axle lift kit) and aerodynamics, and increased levels of luxury and comfort for those who prefer to drive their car to the track on public roads.

So what do you get. Well the standard racing Brabham BT62 has the following aspects;

motive power – 700hp 5.4 litre Brabham naturally aspirated V8, cogs – 6-speed racing transmission, svelte bodywork wrapped around a chromoly safety cell. With a dry mass of 972kg, the BT62’s power to weight ratio is in excess of equivalents from from McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche. Features that justify the comments by those that have driven it that it’s the most dynamic driver’s car in the world.

Racing under a full moon, David Brabham, Will Powell, Brabham BT62, Dunlop Endurance Championship, Britcar into the Night Race, Brands Hatch, November 2019, England.

Tempted, there’s more details at;

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