The Silverstone Experience

With the lack of motorsport available in the last months it was great to get to Silverstone in December. The occasion was to visit both the ‘Silverstone Experience’ and to sample their ‘Lap Land’ event. Both were a success.

The Silverstone Experience

The Silverstone Experience, is situated at the entrance to the Northamptonshire circuit and although officially opened in March 2020 has had to have been closed for much of the year. This was my first chance to sample what it has to offer. And I’m pleased to say that it has a lot to offer. Starting with the locations history from around 1133 when Luffield Priory was on the site, through the next 800 years to it’s role as WWII airfield, post war when it became a race track – complete with straw bales as safety markers, right up to modern times. For the racing years there are interactive sections to keep all ages amused as well as static examples of two and four wheeled machinery. Individual sections cover aspects of racing, the people, safety and other behind the scenes work that make up a race day. The tour finishes with an ultimate lap of the Grand Prix circuit in the special effects cinema. There’s a cafe for refreshments and a shop selling themed items. There’s a lot to see and do and so it’s easy to spend a couple of hours onsite. It’s well worth a visit and makes an excellent winter and or wet weather destination. Check out the website for more details and current opening times etc.

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