Silverstone ‘Lap Land’.

As the skies darkened over Northamptonshire there was a pulsating light show developing at the Silverstone circuit. Its ‘Lap Land’ event was beginning. A convoy of cars snaked through the entrance and onto the holding area alongside the Wellington Straight. A run through the ‘National Pits’ with cars and illuminations in the garages providing a suitable intro’ to the drive.

Possibly my slowest lap of the Silverstone GP circuit.

Out of the pits and onto Copse it’s then a short drive for the start of the light show at the Maggotts-Becketts complex. From there on it’s a a succession of lights, lasers and illuminations, right through to Village. Overall it was as though I’d driven through a Pink Floyd concert. To round the evening off I stayed to watch ‘The Snowman’ at the drive-in cinema in the paddock car park.

The event is open until the 10th January 2021, for details and remaining tickets see; If you’d like to take more of the trip there’s the opportunity to visit ‘The Silverstone Experience’ prior to the Lap Land event. For this see;

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